Meet Rachelle

Rachelle is a Master Teacher, healer, inspirational speaker and International author and her teachings are truly dynamic, heartfelt and life changing. Her deep passion is to assist humanity to embrace self love and kindness. She works with a range of healing modalities to facilitate holistic healing with the intention to embody ones soul's greatest existence. She understands that healing happens on all levels, emotionally, physically, mentally and spiritually and the whole system needs to be considered for true lasting healing. Everything is connected and intertwined and when we can look at the person holistically we have a better chance of assisting them in health and healing.

Rachelle's medicine and teachings flow naturally from the heart, driven by her love of humanity and passion in assisting people to awakening to their soul's calling. She is recognised globally for her depth and authenticity. She is a dynamic and passionate teacher and healer and travels the world with her teachings, paving the way for others to connect to their own innate healing wisdom. She holds a deep and sacred space for people to awakening to their own healing medicine and abilities and guides people to trust themselves and embody their own light. She is well known throughout the world for her organic, loving, down to earth personality and truly radiates Divine Love.

Rachelle's soul awakening happened in 2000 where she had a profound healing experience with a crystal that set her on the path of health and healing. Rachelle's biggest teacher is life itself and the potent and powerful medicine of the Earth, Spirt, Universal consciousness and LOVE, through her own diversity, has birthed many tools of transformation to navigate the sacred journey with. The continuous path of loving oneself and awakening to ones soul's greatness. She has a passion for working with people who experience anxiety, depression and PTSD and those who have endured trauma. She is extremely interested in inner child healing and how childhood trauma shapes our adult lives. She works deeply with Inner Child transformational processes that bring light and freedom to the chains of shame and guilt. She believes we are currently going through a huge shift in conciseness and we are birthing more of our souls vibration into our physical body. We are letting go of all that no longer serves our highest good. A time of huge cleansing and awakening of the heart's greatest expression. She believes that everyone who is called to the path of healing has this medicine inside of them and when given the opportunity and a little guidance, one can open to this energy within and start to trust their own personal soul awakening. She loving guides and supports a deep birthing of ones own personal medicine and power.

Her life expanding experience in 2000 with a crystal opened her consciousness to the wisdom of Crystal healing. She has now been teaching healing for over 20 years and offers her students her advanced knowledge in the healing gifts offered by Mother Earth and the Crystal Kingdom. By listening to your heart and learning the healing powers and processes offered by Rachelle, the Crystal Kingdom and Mother Earth, you will open up to a world of self healing, where unconditional love fills every cell of your being. In 2000 Rachelle Founded the Academy of Crystal Awakening where she shared sacred space with over 10,000 students and mentored over 50 Teachers through the Academy, teaching her powerful workshops and healing processes.. She created two seperate healing modalities Rachelle Charman - Crystal Awakening and Rachelle Charman Crystal Shamanism, both these are recognised by IICT and she is an approved training provider. The Academy closed in 2021 however she still teaches this work to students and teachers who are inspired to share the medicine of Crystals, Shamanism and Healing with the world. Throughout her Journey she has spent time with Peruvian Shamans and Native Healers in the Amazon where she witnessed and experienced profound healings and gained much insight into the healing ways of the Native tribes, activating her own memories and knowledge within of Shamanic and Crystal Healing.

Rachelle has been inspired by many amazing teachers on her journey of self discovery. At the start of her awakening she was deeply inspired by her crystal healing teacher Maggie Vrinda Ross, who assisted her in awakening to the knowledge of the Crystal Kingdom. Rachelle’s Crystal Awakening modality has been inspired by the teachings of Maggie and Katrina Raphaell. She experienced deep transformation and healing working with these teachings and from this has developed her own modality. Her Crystal Shamanism modality has been birthed from her own experiences in life and the guidance of her own soul's wisdom, earth medicine, spirit guides, animal guides, crystals and universal love. In 2021 she opened her new business Rachelle Charman - Soul Emergence where she travels the world offering a range of products, workshops and programs that inspire you to live your soul's greatest existence.

She is currently working with her Pleiadian soul ancestors who contacted her in a profound healing. She is now a channel for these high vibration light beings and offers new Pleiadian healing modalities in her advanced shamanism work and private healing sessions.

She lives in Byron Bay Australia with her Fiancé and 2 beautiful labradors and continues to travel the world as a master healer and inspirational speaker sharing stories of her life experience to help others on their path of self love and mastery. It's time to live your life from your higher purpose with more love, joy and peace in your heart. She invites you to take a journey through her website to see where she can assist you in awakening to your own personal medicine and soul emergence.